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24/7 Emergency Service

Keystone Mechanical Group Inc.'s team of experts is always on call for any emergency HVAC situation. We will respond in a speedy manner and quickly assess your residential, commercial or industrial HVAC emergency needs. Keystone is qualified to effectively address your HVAC situation so your system will soon be running again with minimal delay.

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Over the years, Keystone Mechanical Group Inc. has played an important role in the HVAC Restoration Industry. We have had the honour to assist in the restoration and rehabilitation of many sites that were affected by devastating disasters. Our team has helped to restore normalcy to businesses and homeowners in a swift and compassionate manner.

Below are a few of the sites where Keystone Mechanical Group Inc. responded to restore service after natural disasters:

Winter 2010 - (North York) - York University – Keele Campus - Fire damage to the Track and Field Centre - Keystone was instrumental in the restoration of the main mechanical room boiler system in the Track and Field Centre which affected the hot water supply, heating and ventilation systems throughout the building.

May 2010 – (Markham) - Buttonville plane crashes into local business – Air craft smashed into the roof of Think Way Toys. Keystone replaced 7 HVAC roof top units and ductwork to restore the HVAC system.

June 2010 - Tornado (Midland, Ontario) - Wal-Mart store – Keystone replaced six roof top units and exhaust systems in record time in order to not interrupt business.

Summer 2009 - (Vaughan) Tornado hits numerous homes and businesses in the surrounding area. Keystone inspected and restored HVAC systems to several of the properties in the area and made the sites safe for community members to return to the their homes or businesses.

July 2008 - (Toronto) Severe Thunder and Lightning Storm affects several homes and businesses. Keystone inspected and restored several HVAC systems and gas lines to ensure residences were safe to re-enter and return to their homes or place of business.

Winter 2008 - (Toronto & GTA) Severe Snow Storm – many homes and businesses affected. Keystone provided emergency heat and restored many (HVAC) heating systems in record time due to the cold temperatures.

Summer 2008 – (Downsview) - Sunrise Propane Explosion – homes and businesses severely damaged by the blast. Major restoration of HVAC mechanical systems to homes and businesses was required. Keystone was instrumental in the repair and installation of the Heating, Air conditioning and Ventilation systems for the main EMS Buildings and Transportation Building for the City of Toronto.

2003 (Toronto and GTA) The Northeast Blackout – The largest blackout/power outage in North American history. Keystone was instrumental in repairing damaged mechanical systems and providing generators to businesses in order to avoid losing millions of dollars worth of produce.

August 2005 – (Toronto) - When 175mm of rain fell in one afternoon upon Toronto, Keystone and its crews responded quickly to the many emergencies that affected several heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for homes and businesses.

Throughout its many years in the HVAC industry, Keystone Mechanical Group Inc. has also restored gas, heating, air conditioning and other systems due to countless fires, floods and mold conditions.

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