Make sure you find a well-qualified plastic surgeon that has done several blephs (especially in-office ones that use only local anesthesia) before having the procedure done Blepharoplasty local anesthesia Lower eyelid surgery is often more complex than upper eyelid surgery and most patients prefer to have general anesthesia (go completely to sleep) for this procedure What is eyelid surgery called? Blepharoplasty or an eyelid lift improves the cosmetic appearance of the eye Blepharoplasty recovery day by day The healing of eyelid incisions may take 5-7 days at which time sutures can be removed
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At Keystone Mechanical Group, we ensure that your customer experience is the best it could be. Here are some testimonials from satisfied clients.

"Keystone Mechanical Group Inc. has been, and will continue to be, a very big part of our success at Belfor Property Restoration due to the fact that they pay special attention to detail and have an ongoing commitment to excellence with regards to the quality of workmanship and overall service they provide on every project they are associated with. Dominic and Margaret have been working alongside us for many years and we consider ourselves lucky to be associated with them. No matter what size the project is, from a large commercial loss right down to a minor assessment, we can rely on Keystone to provide the best service possible. We look forward to many more years of a successful partnership between Keystone and Belfor."

Kayle Short,
Belfor Property Restoration

"We would like to thank the Keystone team for the excellent job installing our furnace, air conditioner, humidifier and air cleaner. We wanted to let you know how professional, courteous and clean your employees were. The installation of the new products looks great and the removal and clean-up of the old furnace all went without a hitch. Thanks again for the great service you provided and we will be certain to tell any friends or neighbours that are looking to replace their furnace or air conditioner to contact you."

Franca Mazzulla

"Thank you for an amazing job with this very difficult installation. Your installers should be commended for their attention to detail and neat and tidy layout within this very tight working environment. The homeowners actually suggested that 'it looks so good we would like to add a window in the wall just to look at it!'
Again, thank you!"

Craig McVety,
Firstonsite Restoration

"I dropped in to Laars this week to go over the York University job with Tom Gervais, International Sales Manager and Errol Hibbard the National Service Manager. Both were on site with Nando for the start up of the 4 Laars Neotherm NTH 500 boilers. Both commented on the fact that this is the best installed job they, or I, have seen. It has been a long time since I have seen a job that well planned and one installed so professionally. Normally we only get to see problem jobs and they are usually installed incorrectly. Errol said this job should become the standard for proper installs and Tom said if all the jobs were like York, then there would be very little troubleshooting jobs to see."

Jeff House,
Jefcom Consultants Inc.

Thank you for coming over to do the air conditioning maintenance so quickly. As a matter of fact, I've been meaning to send you this note after you fixed my gas fireplace after having Domenic come up before New Year's Eve on really short notice. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the team at the Keystone Mechanical Group to anyone to service their heating and air conditioning needs.

Al Eng

We recently purchased a home with a pool. The heater in the pool had to be cleaned and started. We contacted the gasfitter recommended by the company servicing our pool, he was busy and would not return our calls. The general horror story faced by homeowners when you call service providers, especially when it's a small job that needs to be done.

Then I found the number for Keystone Mechanical. The office manager quickly set up an appointment for the same day. The gasfitter came in on time and charged exactly what I was quoted. The gasfitter was friendly and was more than happy to do the small job I required.

This spring/summer season has not been the best but we were actually able to start enjoying the pool early because of the heater. We are having a great summer despite the weather and really thank Keystone Mechanical for attending to our house so quickly and getting the job done. We hope nothing else breaks down but I know who to count on just in case. Thank you again Keystone Mechanical.

Marcella DiLieto

Just to let you know that this company was extremely responsive and professional. They already came to the house and fixed the issue - it was a problem with the filter.

Max Koeune

FYI - The guys are doing a great job!

Stuart McKendrick - BELFOR

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