Make sure you find a well-qualified plastic surgeon that has done several blephs (especially in-office ones that use only local anesthesia) before having the procedure done Blepharoplasty local anesthesia Lower eyelid surgery is often more complex than upper eyelid surgery and most patients prefer to have general anesthesia (go completely to sleep) for this procedure What is eyelid surgery called? Blepharoplasty or an eyelid lift improves the cosmetic appearance of the eye Blepharoplasty recovery day by day The healing of eyelid incisions may take 5-7 days at which time sutures can be removed
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HVAC Systems, Air Conditioner Repair

Keystone Mechanical Group Services

Keystone Mechanical Group Inc. prides itself in providing exceptional residential, commercial and industrial HVAC services, including emergency response service, fireplace inserts, gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces and preventative maintenance. The Keystone team has the experience, expertise and professionalism it takes to not only meet their clients' needs, but exceed their expectations!

Residential HVAC Services:

Keystone provides a complete line of residential HVAC products from major manufacturers and distributors. We can replace your existing HVAC equipment with similar equipment or supply and install a completely new home HVAC system. Keystone can advise you on design, product selection and installation in this situation. Whether you are maintaining, renovating or constructing a new home, we can provide you with professional advice, dependable products and exceptional service you need! We also provide air treatment and testing for mold or other allergens and recommend solutions regarding Hepa Air Filters, Steam Humidification systems and Filtration systems to ensure your home is a healthy environment for your family.

Keystone Mechanical Group Inc., 30 Apex Rd. , Toronto, ON M6A 2V2

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